Appealing to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court

At Masters Law Group, PLLC, we take a team approach to our cases, working closely together to achieve the best results. That holds true when we represent clients in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals or in the U.S. Supreme Court. Partner Shelby Lemmel takes the lead on most of our federal appeals. For over 20 years, Shelby has focused her practice nearly exclusively on appeals, achieving broad experience and expertise, and an excellent reputation for success among her peers. Shelby has been recognized by Seattle Met Magazine as among Washington’s “Top Women Lawyers.” She has been honored as a Washington Law and Politics “Super Lawyer” since 2018, and before that was frequently honored as a Washington Law and Politics “Rising Star.” She currently serves as a President of the Washington Appellate Lawyers Association.

Federal Appeals

Just as appeals are different than trials, appeals to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals are different than Washington State appeals. The issues can be more complex, the applicable law farther reaching, and the rules similar, but different. Effective appellate counsel must distill a large record down to a few key issues, master a wide body of law across decades, and write and argue persuasively to a panel of judges from nine states and two territories – or to nine Justices. Our team is up to the task.

The Assistance and Experience You Need

Federal appeals are typically complex and can be quite difficult. We offer the experience and expertise these appeals require. Call 206-536-2539 to speak with Shelby and our team about your federal appeal. You can also reach Shelby at the firm by sending an inquiry email.