When a Family Law Matter Requires an Appeal

At Masters Law Group, PLLC, we know that not every family law decision follows the letter and spirit of the law. And while there is room for a trial court to use discretion, sometimes it abuses that discretion, basing its decision on untenable grounds or reasons. Errors in a family matter can be devastating, and an appeal may be warranted.

Appeals in all Areas of Family Law

Family law is multifaceted and often complex, legally, factually, and emotionally. Errors can arise in parenting plans, child support, property characterization and distribution, maintenance, and the like. We handle family law appeals covering all issues, including the following:

  • Dissolutions and dissolving Committed Intimate Relationships
  • Spousal maintenance and property characterization / distribution
  • Prenuptial agreements, separation contracts, and the like
  • All aspects of parenting plans
  • Child Support and post-secondary support
  • Paternity
  • Adoption
  • Domestic abuse and restraining orders
  • Relocation issues
  • International child abduction

In addition to handing family law appeals from start to finish, Masters Law Group regularly consults with trial lawyers in trial, or in the post-trial phase. This can be a great resource in preserving the outcome of a trial, or in setting up issues for appeal.

With decades of successful Washington family law appeals, Masters Law Group, PLLC is not just knowledgeable, we are expert in the standards by which the appellate court will judge the appeal. Consider reading our case histories to gain a better understanding of our successful family law cases.

Keeping the Client’s Goals in Mind

Crucial to a truly successful family law appeal is keeping the client’s goals in mind. Often issues that feel like they are central to the case are not the most likely to succeed or to produce the desired outcome. We understand how to ascertain the best issues to pursue to meet a client’s goals.

We always seek to resolve matters in a manner that best serves the client’s goals, including settlements when appropriate. Visit our FAQ page for answers to your questions regarding appellate law.

Get in Touch with Our Team Regarding Your Family Law Appeal

We regularly advise firms and other attorneys as to whether an appeal is warranted. We then partner with that firm or attorney to ensure that the appeal is optimally managed, prepared, and represented. Contact our team to discuss your matter. Call 206-536-2539. You can also reach us via a website inquiry email. We will respond promptly. We serve individuals and their attorneys throughout Washington.