March 3
1837: Congress establishes the Eighth and Ninth Circuits and adds two seats to the Supreme Court.1863: Congress acts to establish a Tenth Circuit for California and Oregon; the full ten justices sit together for only one week in the period 1863-66 (due to illnesses and vacancies) until the Tenth Circuit is eliminated in 1866.1875: Congress enacts the Jurisdiction and Removal Act, vastly expanding the role of the federal judiciary by granting the circuit courts jurisdiction over all cases arising out of the US Constitution and the laws of the U.S. as long as more than $500 is at issue; the Act also allowed parties to remove a case to federal court if the matter involved a question of federal law or in the event of diversity of jurisdiction.1891: Congress establishes the Circuit Courts of Appeals and grants the Supreme Court limited authority to determine the cases it hears; circuit riding, on the wane for some time, now dies out completely.1911: Congress abolishes the U.S. circuit courts as trial courts and establishes the district court system.

Masters Law Group (formerly Wiggins & Masters) litigates civil appeals in every state and federal appellate court in Washington State. Mr. Masters was an appellate law clerk and Ms. Lemmel was a judicial extern in both state and federal courts. Our paralegal, Cheryl Fox, is an experienced attorney who handles record and other issues for us.

Our appeals have involved nearly every area of life and the law, from accord and satisfaction to banking, class actions to constitutional rights (state and federal), contracts to covenants, deeds of trust to easements, election law to employment discrimination, family law to guardianships, health care to intellectual property, insurance coverage to jury trials, kayaks to landlords & tenants, malpractice (legal and medical) to negligence (personal injury plaintiffs & defendants), officers & directors (corporations) to partnerships, parental rights to probates, products liability to quiet title actions, railroads to real estate, securities to statutes, trusts & estates to usury, venue to water rights, wills to witnesses, and from workers compensation to zoning - and ZZ Top (yes, we represented that little ol' band from Texas).

We enjoy assisting trial counsel in anticipating appellate issues, but the far greater part of our practice is directly in the appellate courts. Our broad and deep experience enables us to represent clients efficiently and effectively.

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